With Apple and Wurst against global homophobia

I just accidentally stumbled across this article on Facebook. It discusses homosexuality in the context of African and Asian cultures and of families in particular. It asks whether parents should be ashamed of their homosexual children or whether to put love above cultural expectations.

It is loaded with (cultural) sentiments comes to the conclusion that: “We might still be prejudiced about other people’s sexuality and would rather our children are straight but these are matters beyond human powers so it is best to embrace our children.”

One can probably argue whether the wording of the message is quite fortunate and goes far enough, but at least the article does send a positive message of tolerance and acceptance.

I must say however that – I was entirely shocked by the comments accompanying this article on Facebook. Most commentators are Africans, the talk is about sodomie and sin, with one comment stating “homosexuality has never been part of African culture and should therefore not be legalized” – Say what?

FB comments

I find the thought that so many well educated African people (many of which are living in European countries) join into Mugabe’s chant of homosexuality destroying “nations, apart from it becoming a filthy, filthy disease” deeply disturbing.

At the same time Nigeria decides to hand out long-term jail sentences to everyone who promotes gay legal rights and on the other end of the world Russia’s anti-gay  reach absurd heights as they respond to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s coming out removing the interactive iPhone statue built in honour of Steve Jobs in St. Petersburg –  Fearing it might promote homosexuality – Naturally!

_78722055_reutersstpetersburg BBC 

Well as they say –  ignorance is bliss and having been born and bred in the cultural bubble that I call Germany (for the record – not saying everything is perfect there),  I never knew… but homophobia is all around, and we have a loooooooooong way to go.

On the bright side however – Our beardy Eurovision song contest winner Conchita Wurst (Wurst = German for sausage, giving this post’s title a rather tasty note) beat Russia’s homophobic protests and is the reigning Eurovision No. 1, singing for the likes of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and Apple just having been named the world’s most valuable brand in the world (by Forbes) probably couldn’t care less whether St. Petersburg is adorned by a giant iPhone or not.


Pic from Conchita’s FB page album

And who would have thought that there would come a time when an African arc bishop (yes, OK I know it IS Desmond Tutu after all) and the pope would be miles ahead of the rest of the world (and sadly the catholic church for that matter) on gay rights?