Ressources, Ideas & Good Practice

1.      A Canadian University is bringing gender equality to its literature studies and   ultimately to Wikipedia. A brilliant idea that would surely be a god idea for a community project and could involve a number of topics and areas that can be researched. Participants would also gain technical knowledge and become confident    with the internet.


2.    This page from the Scottish Govenment is full of ressources and tools for Community Engagement, applicable wherever you are. Unforntately a few links are not working anymore, but you can still find tons or ressourcs, ideas and good practice examples. Such as the Guide to Successful Tenant Participation.

3. Bang the Table is THE Page about engaging communities online. Interesting blog, honest and well researched advice, discussions and updates and FREEBIES!

4. The Edible Bus Stop  is a great example of a community taking collective responsibility for its own patch.

5. Spring Seed Swap in Stoke Newington.

6. Asset-Based Community Development Institute shares stories of community groups using an asset-based approach to strengthen their communities.

7. Finding solutions to challenges idea.

#coproduction in community conversation via @fran_ohara on Twitter

8. How to build community drawing

8. Group decision making technique idea.

The KJ-Technique: A Group Process for Establishing Priorities - add to your engagement toolbox #IAP2. Click through but also see process in this slide share


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