About Potpourri Community

Accompany this native German lady exploring equality, diversity and community in London.

Particualrly the dvieristy concept was failry new to me when I moved the UK four years ago. In Germany keywords to describe a diverse setup up include multicultural tolerance and most importantly integration.

The latter includes speaking the German language, abiding by compulsory education and housing rules. And as most of might know, we do like our rules in Germany. Integration however is a concept that is not just imposed on immigrants by government and society, it is one that most people welcome and claim as long as it doesn’t seriously clash with cultural and religious beliefs. There is and of course will always be an ongoing discussion when this is the case and if integration takes precedence over individual human rights and there have been court cases.

Generally the concept of integration however is widely accepted, but at the same time sees to be fairly different from the diversity concept here in the UK, where the accessibility of services includes the provision of translations and interpreters.

I am very excited to find out more differences and how and in which ways the Equality Act 2010 influences equality and diversity in all our lives.


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