Standing together and proud – The Launch of the community focused charity Love Burnt Oak


This almost registered charity based at Burnt Oak Station (Barnet) was officially launched on 11th October this year.


Burnt Oak is one of the most deprived areas in the whole UK and has changed significantly in the last years. The shops, language and feel is very multicultural. In spite of being poor the Barnet ward has a few visible assets, including Parks and the first ever Tesco!

Love Burnt Oak’s aim is to bring together this diverse community, to give space and opportunities to meet and get to know each other. The project ma actively engages local stakeholders and encourages to combine resources and work in partnership in the mission to improve and create opportunities around employment, health & well-being for the local community.

There have been extensive needs assessments in the past, so I thought it a great idea to apply an asset based approach of community development at the event and asked visitors to join us celebrating Burnt Oak by sharing what they love about their local area.

The atmosphere at the launch event was buzzing with community spirit and people loved praising their local assets, being fully aware that within Barnet the area is mainly known for being poor.


This positive activity has given me the courage to embrace asset-based community work and left me and the visitors smiling – not to mention the stunning visual effect of the tree standing proudly showing off Burnt Oak’s wide range of assets.

Do you think that shared resources are a reasonable approach for community work in deprived areas and in times of diminishing budgets?

LBO launch Oct 14


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